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A Great Harmony: A Master, good ingredients and the proper equipment. Is it that simple?

Just close your eyes and imagine for a minute! You are walking down the street...While passing by your favourite bakery, you are fascinated by freshly baked bread or a cookie. This is the result of a great harmony. The ingredients, Baker experience, the correct type of machinery and equipment. Is this that simple?

If you work with Baker all over the country, you should suggest to them the correct trays for their super-delicious bakeries. The Globees are pleased to introduce you to our new partner who has been producing industrial oven trays for more than a decade. Although he has started production at a small facility, the increasing demand of the market leads the factory growth. Today this company makes production at a facility which has 2000m² closed, 1000m² open area. The annual production capacity is 600 tons of aluminum.

The owner of the company is an extraordinary man who has a great family. When you have a spouse who always stands next to you, success always follows you. They have such intelligent twins who will take the flag from their parents in the future. Until then, our partner will have been following the innovations and keep on running the company. Because he is sure the brand will be surrounded by the energy of the new minds after the twins are qualified enough to take over their father's business. He is a successful business person because he has done market research in the right way. He attends the relevant exhibitions, he gets news about the sector. According to the demand of the market, he follows the new trends and improves the facility and the production as he can.

I have to say that the brand is the leader of its sector in Turkey. The industrial bakery oven machinery manufacturers supply these trays as complementary goods. So even a bakery oven is sold, it brings our brand as with a machine. You can meet the brands everywhere in Turkey. Either at a bakery or patisserie, Even at a private bakery class, as I did in 2019. If you work in the kitchen of a restaurant or deli or hotel, it is not a coincidence to meet this brand.

The Globees has signed the partnership agreement and ready to introduce the brand in the UK and USA.

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