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A success story: Designing Costumes

This week we are introducing a woman who is a dreamer, an artist, a designer, a business woman, a mother and a wife. She has an inspiring story and we are here to tell.

She was born on a cold and stormy night in December 1980 in Aegean city called Izmir. Since the beginning, she was aware of her dreams. Even during her childhood and youth, she never stopped dreaming and fighting for what she wanted. Her passion for learning and exploring never stopped. Although she was never a bad student in school, she knew school was just the one small part of the education. She read a lot and, traveled, and kept an active social life. Her passion for art, music and science remained the same while she has became an open minded and conscious person. She wanted to pursue a career in interior design but later changed her mind and studied restoration in Yildiz Teknik University. This subject was also did not suit her, and she call it quits after working in different companies. She stopped working in restoration and went back to her home town.

She got married... After giving birth to her son, Enes Ege she went through some changes in her life and this was her own restoration. Her priorities and thoughts started to change after becoming a mother. She was inspired by an article about Motherhood, and started to question her life even further. She needed to do something and she needed to find what was missing.

After facing challenges in life, she starts discovering herself, her abilities and her dreams all over again.During this time her husband establishes a Cultural Arts Center for kids and adults to come together. She has supported thousands of kids. They have taught performing arts and sports such as ballet, modern dance, piano, art, music, sculpturing, yoga, kickbox etc. By the way; she keeps educating herself and takes classes like programming and photography, marketing and self-growth. She starts writing projects, and learns about set designing.

Today she is doing what she loves and you can see it in every project she is involved. She has a growing business, and she wants to expand her horizons. She designs extraordinary costumes for children and adults.

She wanted to break free and she needed to find herself. She is a strong willed woman who is also supporting in empowering women. She is our business partner because she is a dreamer and loves what she does.

If you want see her products in your catalogue and know more about her business, feel free to contact theGlobees..

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