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An Ancient Art of Designing Footwear: Yemeni

Gaziantep is a city of Mosaics, and the most popular one is the Gypsy Girl down below. There is so much to do in this historical city. Did you know that the kerchiefs that were used in Troy and Harry Potter movies, have been produced in Gaziantep?

One important thing comes to mind when we talk about Gaziantep is Yemeni. It is not a new craze in Turkey, yet it is becoming noticeably popular recently all over the world. Some believe that Yemeni is over 600 years old and has a special technique for carving. Today people are trying to keep this tradition alive in Turkey, specially in this region.

We are introducing you to a Leather Engineer that was born in a family who has been leather tanner for generations. Our manufacturer is one of kind because he is a fourth generation leather tanner from Gaziantep. His great-grandfather started the family business back in 1930. He studied leather engineering in Aegean University Izmir. Even after born in to Leather industry, and studying Leather for many years, he is still excited about everything related to leather. He still works in every stage of leather as leather production ,leather chemicals, apparel fashionable clothes. After establishing and operating leather shops in other countries, he is back in country, focused on making the best Yemeni's in Turkey. Top quality Yemeni means so many labour hours on just one pair and not rushing the leather. Only high-quality and natural materials are used in their Yemeni's to keep it organic. The sole part is hand sewn and that's how they create characteristic Yemeni's.

Yemeni is not the only thing they target; Leather Chemicals for Tannery And Vegetable Tanned Leather for bags, wallet, belts, knife sheath, saddlery and piece leathers for leather crafter. However manufacturing chrome tanned Leathers for shoes. It is important to know every step of the production to introduce this handmade shoes and we are here to introduce this tradition to people who wants to feel like a part of the Trojan War.

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