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Finding the Right Business Partner Overseas

Can we deny the fact that today we buy, use, destroy, create and exchange goods more than ever in the history? Is it easy to build new alliances even while stuck in pandemic?

To Cooperate with a partner overseas is beneficial for both suppliers and for buyers.

If you can find the Right Business partner, it would make a difference both sides. What are the qualities you are looking in a Business Partner?

Knows Business Ethics?



Too Greedy?



Each quality is absolutely vital. For me; location is also crucial to create a strong relation. Although more people are connected online these days, face to face communication is still most effective comparing to other communication types. On the other hand; Working bilateral means works for both sides equally. It requires strong communication skills, honesty and transparency.

Being the eyes of the customers:

Locating in the suppliers’ country enables them to communicate easily with suppliers. Reaching any supplier when needed, is a must. According to the needs; following all projects, leading face to face meetings, following shipments even the production process on site.

Being the ears and legs of the suppliers:

Locating in the buyer country enables to hold the pulse of the clients. To visit potential clients on behalf of a supplier. Introducing the supplier and listening to what clients want from the supplier. At last but not least, clients should know they have of the supplier in their own country.

Both sides should know this. There must be a partner who wants to build a strong bridge between buyer and seller and protect both side’s rights equally.

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