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Home Decoration during Lockdown

The coronavirus forced us to stay at and work from home. People in the world have been spending the whole year at home. The people allowed to go out just for essential things such as going grocery shopping, buying medication, exercising for an hour, traveling for work if they can not work from home, etc.

What have people learnt during this year?

First of all, people have discovered the other people, who live with.

Secondly, people have identified their hidden skills. Everybody become a DIY expert, a cook, a baker etc.

The other thing, people have learnt that they have very boring houses.

Being forced to stay at home all day, a whole week, several months, people started to murmuring about the houses, hating the furniture and get bored with accessories. This long lockdown is a very good chance to redecorate the houses. So the sales quantities of home decoration products are increased in 2020 during lockdown

Turkey is one of the leading countries that export furniture and accessories to 200 different countries.

As The Globees, we can say that we have very strong furniture and accessory manufacturers in Turkey.

It is the right time to mention about one of our strong partner who produces home accessories. He has worked in the sector of furniture for years. He got industrial experience, market knowledge, and a good network. So it would be a strong beginning for his own business in 2018.

He has too many types of home decoration accessories such as wall accessories, tables and chairs, cushions, table cloths, curtains, rugs etc. However, we will just show you some coffee tables either from Walnut-chestnut-spruce-ash tree -fir tree -oak tree -teak or from the laser cut glass and metal. The products are fabulous with their high-quality design and materials. This Turkish supplier manufacturer has already customers both in the domestic and international market. Besides; We become a partner to be stronger in the international market.

So if you are looking for any furniture or home accessories, we can say that we are the suppliers of the any products you need.

Please contact TheGlobees for furniture, home accessories and more.

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