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Turkey's Manufacturing Industry: Facts

When one thinks of a product that is most widely manufactured in Turkey, textile comes to mind first. How about other industries?

But do you think Turkey is only good at manufacturing textile? Do you know What type of products Turkey exports to other countries?

“With a population exceeding 80 million and GDP at 2,381,594 Turkey is a rising star when it comes to manufacturing

According to International Trade Centre’s data, Textile manufacturing is absolutely in the Top Ten, while Vehicle is the number one of the list with US$22 billion. Some kind of Textile, Knit or crochet clothing, accessories is Number 5

Exported Product Top Ten List in 2020

1.Vehicle: US$22 billion

2.Machinery: US$16.7 billion

3. Electrical machinery, equipment: US$9.3 billion

4. Iron & steel: US$8.8 billion

5. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories with US$8.4 billion.

6.Plastics, plastic articles: US$6.9 billion

7.Gems, precious metals: US$6.6 billion

8.Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): US$6.5 billion

9.Articles of iron or steel: US$6.3 billion

10.Fruits, nuts: US$4.8 billion

Turkey is a very large and growing market with different kind of products. You can find the different exporting opportunities in Turkey according to your needs.(any product, any component for your product, machinery,Moulding types etc) The strategic location of this country also makes freight service easier.So why don’t you try to find your solution with the Globees. Please contact us for Turkish products and manufacturers. Turkey Manufacturing Production

In Turkey, Manufacturing is the most important sector and accounts for 84 percent of total production. The biggest segments within Manufacturing are: Food products (16 percent of total production); basic metals (11 percent); motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (9 percent); textile (8 percent); other non-metallic mineral products (6 percent); rubber and plastic products (5 percent); chemicals and chemical products (5 percent); electrical equipment (5 percent); wearing apparel (5 percent); and fabricated metal products (5 percent).

What do you think about the Turkey's manufacturing potential and future?

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