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Tastes of Turkey: Confectionery

One of the rising export market in Turkey is the confectionery which includes all the sweet goods and drinks.

Turkey has a huge selection for sweets. It is undeniable that Turks love sweets and make them for every occasion from birth to weddings to funerals. There is even saying about it

"Eat sweet, talk sweet" which explains why we are obsessed about confectionary.

Confectionary goods include some of the most popular souvenir goods such as lokum, akide sekeri, helva, cezerye, baklava and pismaniye. Production of lokum and helva dates back to ancient times. With a little help of technology, even medium and small companies are able to export goods around the world Turkey has been self sufficient in sugar and these edible goods has been available all over Turkey with reasonable prices. Although Turkish sugar and chocolate confectionery sector has the most advanced technology in the Middle East, Balkans, North Africa, Baltics and Central Asia, it is becoming popular in countries where has big Turkish communities.

According to some research "Turkey is a net exporter of confectionery products. The export value of sugar and chocolate confectionery reached at 1,7 billion US dollars in 2016, which constituted 1.19% of Turkey’s total export revenue (US$ 142 billion), nearly the same proportion as the previous year.*"

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