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The Future of Turkish Textile

As being the fifth largest Textile Manufacturer in 2019, Turkey is expected to rise its textile sales in 2021 and later on.

"Despite the protectionist inclinations of current global trade, the Turkish textile industry has managed to preserve and improve its position in the international market thanks to its strong internal dynamics, innovative branding and design ideas," Pekcan said.

In February last year, it was reported that Turkey's textile and ready-to-wear industry currently employs over one million people. This was believed to be one o

New investments and Rising Exports

The number is expected to rise in the upcoming years. Other than having a strategic location, other advantages are skilled workforce and competitiveness. Due to new investments and demand, the main goal for the manufacturing industry is not to sell cheaply but sell high-quality products with added value. According to some exports, it is also expected that Turkey's garment export is projected to rise by 10%.



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