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Turkish Kilims, Rugs and Carpets

Hand made rugs, Kilim, is a way of art.

Kilim Dokuma

Turkey is recognized throughout the world for their magnificent hand-woven rugs. Most are woven in small villages by hand, often taking more than a year to produce a single carpet.” Forbes

Ancient Dying Art

There is a vast difference in cost, materials, workmanship, color, dyes, weave and many other indicators of quality. Rugs are a form of fine art and their appearance is only part of the story. Remember that good carpets last for a very long time and can be a significant addition to your home or office environment and décor, as well as a good investment.

Anatolian rugs represent an essential part of the regional culture, which is officially understood as the Culture of Turkey today, and derives from the ethnic, religious and cultural pluralism of one of the most ancient centre of human civilization.

Yoruks believe weaving a Kilim is an art. Today with industrialization this art is dying. There is even an organization to keep art of hand-weaving kilims & rugs alive.

Turkey has a great market of hand weaving kilims. Tell us about your Kilims or if you know the meaning of the Motifs!

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