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Turning Tables: Is Turkey becoming the new China?

After pandemic many things changed including import and export habits. Now many companies are leaving China and looking for alternatives.

"The signal for the increase in technological exports is important for our country's future. We see that the seeds planted in the last decade have just started to give fruit " Ersin Sahin told Anadolu Agency.

China being on a break from its productive activities in global markets for a while, effected some countries' supply shortages. This led some nations to explore other markets like Turkey. During the pandemic's peak, Turkey was able manage its exporting, importing, and manufacturing activities continuously. Besides the trade war between USA and China, the coronavirus made things worse for China. Plus many business leaders does not want to operate their businesses where human rights means nothing. Given its geographical location between east and west, Turkey is well-placed and is a good option for the business who are planning to leave China.

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